XM Gravity Launches App Dedicated To Happiness Maintenance


XM Gravity launched a unique, in-house mobile application, the XM Gravity Happiness App, designed to pump up the happiness quotient among its own staff.

“As a digital agency, we help our clients leverage technology and social media every day to meet their business goals.  This time, we’re leveraging that know-how to help us achieve our own goals.  Happy staff who feel connected, and cared for, are committed staff who give their best,” said Kevin Mintaraga, XM Gravity’s CEO.

The application, primarily and solely targeted at the agency’s employees, utilizes four main features with different functions. 

The Mood part allows users to express their feelings each day by choosing on the wide range of mood selections provided. Employees who consistently log in negative emotions would be approached by their supervisors for a heart to heart chat aimed at solving whatever issue is weighing on them.

The app also includes the News section, which would bring the company’s news, updates and announcements right in the palms of their hands.

Meanwhile, the Task feature is dedicated to assist the clients by supporting their ongoing campaigns. Users would be able to re-tweet, Like, or share key posts on the brands’ social media pages with the purpose of creating a viral effect.

XM Gravity Happiness App, which operates on three different platforms: iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS, is also equipped with a Contact page that contains the list of each person’s phone number, e-mail address, and social media accounts.

To encourage participation on the App, active users would be rewarded by points and have a chance to win coveted prizes every month.

Happiness underpins the broader culture that the agency aims to sustain through this app, says Mintaraga.

“Since XM Gravity was established, one of my main goals has been to promote a family culture among us. Family means everybody is heard, and everybody is taken care of. That way, they would be happy, which would eventually lead to a great performance in their work”, he said.  “So, the Happiness App serves as a sort of heart check up on everyone in the company. That’s what the Mood part is specifically for”.

As for the other features of the app, the happiness value of a family culture is also the ultimate goal. Mintaraga points out the content of the news and announcements section would largely about matters related to individuals in the company, from professional-based updates, such as who’s been promoted, to more personal news, like who’s getting married.

He believes being able to know what’s going on each other’s lives is not only what makes reading the news section joyful to the employees, but also what keeps the family bond together.

“But of course, we can’t forget the fact that now, everybody’s keeping in touch on social media. This is why we put on the employees’ Facebook and Twitter accounts on the Contacts page, making it easy for them to get connected online”, he adds.

When it comes to dealing with the clients, the same strategy is implemented. The task part of the app not only strengthens the role of an agency as its clients’ business partner – it treats clients as part of XM Gravity’s growing family.

“Seeing the clients as family members, we feel the need to be able to help them spread valuable messages in their campaigns. We feel this task section would best satisfy this need”, Mintaraga said.

The company has also proven the enormous power of social media when it comes to promoting materials in the online sphere. The agency’s XM Gravity’s Harlem Shake video has garnered more than 150,000 views within 2 weeks and driven 300 people to apply for jobs on the company’s website.

“All it took was everyone in the office tweeting the link to our Harlem Shake video. We’re sure the same thing could be applied to our clients’ digital campaigns using this task feature”.


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